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Booking Details:

I am currently available for speaking opportunities including in person and online. I have a $500 deposit for in person events and a $250 deposit for online events. Please note that unless the date is taken on my schedule here, it is open for you to book with me. My speaking topics are above. If you have questions, please visit the contact page and we will respond promptly. I look forward to serving your audience. Please ensure that you put your deposit down as your date is not locked in until you do so. Your deposit will be deducted from the remaining balance minus travel and lodging fees if there is travel involved.

My fee schedule is below:

Keynote: $2500 + travel and lodging

Panel Speaker $1250 + travel and lodging

$500 Deposit for all above


Webinar Video Solo 1 hour: $650 

Panel Video $450

Podcast Audio Solo $450

Panel  Audio $250

$250 Deposit for all above


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